MindStreet products can be customized to solve the critical shortage of mental health resources and deliver accessible, affordable and stigma free solutions. Our products are specifically designed to complement and augment existing care protocols that can be used in clinical, virtual or self-help settings. Admin tools enable the customization of modules, content, assessments, user reports, analytics, and user engagement. Our implementation and onboarding processes includes guidance on best practices for different types of organizations and their uniquely designed care processes.



Our solutions are ideally suited for insurance companies, ACOs, Care Management Companies, TPAs, and At-Risk Health Plans to dramatically expand availability and accessibility of mental health resources, while mitigating costs. Key benefits for payors include:

  • Reduce hospitalization costs
  • Improve treatment outcomes
  • Expand accessibility and availability
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    Several major universities use our products to conduct research in mental health disorders. The GDA platform is uniquely suited for the patient enrollment, monitoring, data collection, reporting and analysis that are required for scientific research. Key benefits for research institutions include:

  • Augment scarce clinical resources
  • Deliver better treatment outcomes
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics
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    Complement employee wellness programs with access to mental health programs that are anonymous, affordable, stigma free and convenient, immediately and at a fraction of the cost of traditional talk therapy. Key benefits for self-insured employers include:

  • Enhance productivity
  • Retain and support employees
  • Manage mental health conditions
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    Our program is well suited for patients of clinician groups, primary care groups, rehabilitation services, hospitals and hospice and senior living centers. The anytime, anywhere management model, combined with high engagement and efficacy makes our programs cost effective for both providers and patients.

  • Manage 3-5x more patients
  • Deliver convenient virtual care
  • Address co-morbid conditions, deliver better outcomes
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    Our programs complement telemedicine, wellness and mindfulness platforms, and employee assistance programs (EAP) to provide programs for subscribers. Key benefits for such channel partners include:

  • Add mental health resources to existing platform
  • Manage 3- 5x more patients without adding resources
  • Address co-morbid conditions and deliver better outcomes
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    Our programs provide mental and behavioral health monitoring and support for essential workers in high stress roles. Such programs are ideally suited for state and local government organizations such as the DoD, VA, National Guard, State Health Boards, and municipalities. Key benefits include:

  • Early detection and interventions
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Sustain productivity and well being
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    Universities and school districts with large student and staff populations exposed to high pressure environments also face severe shortages of mental health resources. Unrecognized, untreated or delayed mental health treatments can have a devastating impact on such populations. Our programs provide affordable, accessible and immediate access to mental health care for such populations that also tend to be technology savvy. Key benefits include:

  • Augment existing clinical resources
  • Provide immediate, anonymous access
  • Prevent complications from unaddressed cases
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    Our digital mental health programs provide an efficient and scalable platform for drug discovery, development and post market monitoring. Used as a companion app, the platform can be used to track and demonstrate efficacy and even enhance clinical outcomes. Key benefits include:

  • Deliver better outcomes
  • Monitor adherence and compliance
  • Demonstrate clinical effectiveness
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    Mental health conditions often remain unrecognized, undiagnosed and untreated due to the clinician shortages, out of pocket costs and stigma associated with seeking treatment. Our digital care management programs, which can be delivered as self-help, coach, peer or clinician supported programs offer safe anonymous, affordable and stigma free experience.

  • Access care immediately
  • Anonymous, affordable, stigma free
  • Customized “my place, my pace” program options