Digital Tools for Mental Health

Evidenced based, clinically validated computer assisted cognitive behavior therapy (CCBT) programs for mental health conditions based on decades of research first pioneered by our founders. These programs are designed to be widely accessible, affordable and stigma-free and deliver better clinical outcomes in a fraction of the time and resources compared to traditional talk therapy.

Computer Assisted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT)

Digital Tools for Clinicians by Clinicians

Pioneered by MindStreet’s founders and perfected over decades of research, CCBT uses digital tools to help clinicians teach patients to identify negative thoughts, regulate emotions and develop coping strategies to address behaviors associated with mental health conditions.

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Evidence Based

Demonstrated efficacy across several multi-site, randomized controlled trials, funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health.

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Clinically Validated

Proven durability of patient gains as measured by HAMD and BDI-II scores with strong pre-post effect sizes.

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Better Outcomes

Compared to gold standard CBT treatments, CCBT uses one-third the therapist time, with significant savings in costs per patient.

Scalable, Cost Effective Mental Health Programs

Affordable, Accessible and Anonymous


Reduce Treatment Cost

Published clinical research indicates ~$1,000 savings per patient, which could be significantly higher by optimizing clinician time, peer support, and self-help resources, compared to traditional talk therapy.


Minimize Hospitalizations

Early mental health interventions to treat co-morbid conditions as part of a comprehensive care management plan, can increase treatment adherence and reduce complications, hospitalizations and emergency room visits.


Augment Clinical Resources

Used as a companion tool, CCBT can deliver similar results in a fraction of the clinician time necessary, enabling clinicians to reduce waitlists and treat 3 to 5 times as many patients as traditional talk therapy.


Expand Treatment Access

Anywhere, anytime access, through a mobile or desktop app fits a patient’s lifestyle and schedule, increases adherence, eliminates the stigma associated with seeking care and reduces complications from delayed or untreated mental health conditions.

Good Days Ahead (GDA)

Class-leading Digital Tools to Manage Mild to Severe Depression and Associated Anxiety

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Engaging, Interactive Content

The GDA program consists of carefully curated, video, text, interactive exercises, quizzes, and assessments to methodically teach and apply clinically proven cognitive behavior therapy principles to treat depression and associated anxiety.

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Anytime Anywhere Access

Once screened and onboarded by a clinician, a patient can access the app anytime, anywhere, privately and securely. This reduces or eliminates the need for in-person visits and the associated loss of time and productivity for both patients and clinicians.

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Comprehensive Clinician Tools

A companion app enables clinicians to continuously monitor and track patient engagement and progress during and after their treatment, including key metrics such as mood ratings, clinical assessments, and comprehension.

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Customizable Admin Access

Fully customizable admin app to measure utilization and outcomes to ensure adherence and completion by different types of users based on roles and permissions across an organization.

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Custom Reporting and Analytics

Fully customizable for an organization, the application includes standard and custom assessment, reporting and analytics tools to measure engagement and outcomes in real time.

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Secure Reporting, Analytic

A HIPAA compliant software, GDA encrypts user data and provides role-based, audit trailed, secure access to users. Built on a cloud-native, autoscaling, fault-tolerant platform hosted on AWS.

Solutions to Address the Global Mental Health Crisis

Mindstreet’s solutions are designed to meet the needs of organizations across the
healthcare ecosystem, from individuals and employers to providers and payors.